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Creativity is success

Photo by Free Creative Stuff from Pexels The power of creativity.

It's about the balmy day with scorching sun rays. I was on my way to my destination and deep in thought. I heard someone saying "science has more scope for careers than creativity".

I thought that statement was true, but what if we want to be an artist or blogger? A student in a science class whose interest is to be in business might not get a strong grade, but he doesn't need to study science because it's something different from his interest. I know science is compulsory for most schools, but in our society we just degrade students who go for creativity.

It was a sudden coincidence when I remembered an important story. Have you ever wondered how science came to us? How it's even here?! Don't forget it's because of creativity. Newton's theory of gravity originated from when he was sitting under a tree and observed an apple fall. Indeed no one forced him to limit his imagination and ideas.

Don't forget that creativity is power. It's the place where dreamers, creators and achievers meet their passion... a place beyond their dreams.

by Mahnoor._Zaidi



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