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How Instagram made a big hole in my life

Photo by from Pexels

Nowadays, we live with the swift flow of technology. Technology is growing rapidly, innovation is endlessly flowing. Along with the proliferation of smartphones and Android operating systems, people can now easily access the internet with the gadget in their hands.

Taking photos is also easy, capturing the moment whenever you want. In the end, you most likely will upload it to Instagram. Yes, who doesn't know this photo sharing application? Almost everyone knows the fun application for 'showing off' photos.

But behind the fun and benefits, taking too long to explore Instagram can also bring negative effects. I have many friends on IG, and I also follow various idol accounts. Without you realizing it, when you see the photos uploaded, sometimes you compare them to your own life. They show you their happy expressions while on vacation abroad, have new friends from new work places, take pictures with the latest fashion products, and so on.

Ah! I feel the pressure. That's how Instagram made a big hole in my life. I feel like the achievements in my life are not as significant as those who happily show the best moments to everyone. When I don't have a permanent job yet, they are already comfortable sitting on the throne every month getting a fixed salary. When I have not yet graduated from college, they've been everywhere. When I still can't afford myself to go on vacation abroad, they have visited various countries.

I feel the pressure! Seeing their happy smiles while I am still here struggling to reach the peak of my own success, making me a little afraid to face my life. I'm anxious, sometimes I'm down on my knees, and always overshadowed by a fear of what my future will be. It feels like you are forced to make 'self-recognition' of your success and must show it through a series of images or videos.

I tried really hard to embrace all my insecurities. And, that's when I realized. I had to reduce my frequency in visiting Instagram or even doing Instagram detox for a week to a month. I don't want to linger over the depths of the luxurious lives that people show me. I care about my mental health and trying not to get depressed. Even anxiety is haunting me too many times.

In the end of the day, I have to focus on myself. I don't have to be image oriented from photos on Instagram. I have my own way of life. I try as hard as possible to break down the limits of myself. That, I also have my own way of success. I love myself and I don't want to sink into despair when looking at their photos.

I can do it. I can make my own dreams come true and achieve my own success. That's why I have to focus on the present. Yes, I can do it. And you can do it, too. We can do it!

by Anik Mei D



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