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Should parents say "Sorry" to their kids?

Probably the best way to teach children how to behave is to set a good example.

However, many people believe there are limits to what kind of behaviour parents should model for their children. For instance, apologising.

When one news outlet started a discussion on whether parents should say sorry to their kids, people shared some rather controversial opinions.

Some people offered rather elaborate responses on why they think apologising to kids is a must:

"You can’t expect your children to apologise for their mistakes when the person they’re learning from doesn’t. saying “i’m the parent i’m right” will never be the right way to raise a child. all healthy relationships are based off of communication" - ansley/Twitter

"Why is that even a question? If we want them to respect not only other kids and adults, but also their own parents, we should show them that we all have to be able to recognise our errors, even us. Instead of telling kids not to cry when we mess something up, we should apologise." - owa/Twitter

"Also apologising doesn't mean just saying sorry it means teaching them by explaining why you are sorry. If they say you did something wrong you apologise because they are right and that thing you did was wrong because etc. It helps reinforce the behaviour and also helps them see how a good apology is made!

Just because kids are little doesn't mean they aren't human and they needn't to be treated fairly and with respect." - fangirltothefullest/us

Others, however, brushed it off as unnecessary:

"I don't think so, does the child pay the bills? Nope. Does the child have to raise their parents? Nope. So do the parents owe an apology if they do something wrong? NOPE" blaam laamb/Twitter

"They don't have to to be honest, they're in authority, unless they're actually doing you wrong and not treating you right purposely" - lulu/Twitter

"Depends what the parent has done. If the child is stubborn and doesn't do what they're told then they should learn to apologize to the parent." - chloe/Twitter

What's your take on this?

by Andželika


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