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Scars - Your Stars

Countless marks are visible on my face and that makes me really conscious, for owning a flawed skin in this generation has become really shameful.

“How come this girl doesn't take care of herself?”

“How come this girl doesn't have proper hygiene?”

“She's a teenager, she needs to learn to be extra careful because she'll soon be an adult”

Do you really know how many times a person with a skin condition searched for ways to clear their skin? Do you really know how they tried their best to take care of their body but in the end, they still get unwanted marks and spots?

Do you really know how many times they became anxious, as no matter how much effort you put to achieve clear skin, the hormones just won’t cooperate? Never judge a person for things that they cannot control. They all have stories that you'll never know; it might be because of their genes, hormones, or their skin is naturally prone to different kinds of allergies. If you have clear skin, good for you. But let me remind you, you will never and ever have the right to judge a person for their flaws.

We are all perfectly imperfect.

You are an art, we are all piece of it. You just have to surround yourself with people who can appreciate your beauty within. Though flawed, you are worthy. Scars will never define your being and existence. Love yourself.

You are beautiful, no matter the amount of star-like marks on your skin.

by Nina Archie.

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